PGcounter ...

PGcounter is a module for Apache server. It completely wroten in C with using libraries: gd, ming. Counter store its data in PostgreSQL. Main features, what differs PGcounter from others are:
  • using SQL server,
  • support 6 output formats (swf, jpg, png, [gif], html, txt) and list can be scaled,
  • black list of IPs (whose, who can't change counter value) per URL,
  • support statistic in time.
Not implemented now, but planned features are:
  • output look and feel templates for any output format,
  • support Ad in animated counter templates,
  • check browser capabilities and automatic switch to supported output format,
  • antispam protection (automatic block of IP when hits/time limit exeeded),
  • support TTF fonts.
It was successfully used in Linux (RedHat-7.3, Debian-3.0) and should run on any *nix system. License: GNU General Public License (GPL).